The Project

Experiencing contemporary African art virtually – in museums, on outdoor art trails, at special events. 


Contemporary art and contemporary issues that move us: created and initiated by artists on the African continent and by Black artists in the Diaspora.


It makes long distances short and provides new sensations, thoughts, insights and connections.  And it is the breeding ground for new networks of creative professionals, cultural institutions and interested people, offering artists an extended public.


AR Marcer Codes
AR Marcer Codes
Contemporary art
Contemporary art
Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality


Become part of ARX Africa!

To create an exhibitor account, please send us an email at

<span>Michael Dilly</span>
Artistic Direction Michael Dilly Cultural Manager, literature prize winner

ARX AFRICA: Augmented reality exhibitions & online portal

The exhibitions: Selected artworks are digitally embedded in the surroundings and appear on site virtually. Three-dimensional sculptures, paintings, digital formats – in museums, on outdoor art trails, at special events. Works, surroundings and visitors enter into an exciting dialogue with each other.


To visit the exhibition, you need a tablet or smartphone. You go to the exhibition venue, use it there with one click and the journey begins.The online portal introduces artists, works and themes and creates publicity. It offers contact opportunities and creates new networks between artists and between creative professionals, exhibitors and institutions in Africa and Europe.


<span>Peter Howe</span>
Project management Peter Howe Dipl. Designer, MD Manxdesign


What kind of art is on display?

There are no restrictions on the types of art as long as they are fine arts. Painting, sculpture, digital formats – anything goes. Both as part of an exhibition and on the platform.


How do the artworks become digital? And how will they be shown?

When it comes to sculptures or objects, for example, the works are scanned three-dimensionally. The 3-D data is processed and fed into our browser-based application for AR exhibitions on site. Markers in the exhibition environment and GPS data trigger the digitised artworks. They appear exactly where they are supposed to appear. In addition, the digitised artworks are shown three-dimensionally on the online platform.


I’m an artist, how can I participate?

ARXAFRICA focuses on contemporary art by African and Black artists. That is the condition. We look forward to hearing from you if you would like to show your art as part of an AR exhibition and/or on the platform. Simply register, upload photos of your work, videos or digital formats. Also, write a few words about yourself. FAQ for artists can be found here: click!


I have an exhibition space. Can the exhibition also be shown here or is everything already set?

The project has already gained momentum. We are in talks with art and cultural institutions for the first exhibition in Germany, and many artists have already confirmed their participation.  As we intend to create the framework for further exhibitions with ARXAFRICA: feel free to contact us at any time! Even if you do not represent an institute or institution, but are planning an interesting event, for example.


I represent a museum in Africa. How can we cooperate?

There are four possibilities: 1. We are currently designing the first AR exhibition in Germany. If you would like to exhibit works from your collection in this context, please write to us. 2. Get in touch if you would like to support us with scanning logistics in Africa. 3. In the long term, we are creating the conditions for further exhibitions – also in Africa. Please write to us as well if this is interesting for you. 4. Last but not least, we would be happy to add you to our platform database.


Questions, suggestions, ideas? Keep them coming! Tell us who you are and what it's about. We will answer quickly.


Peter Howe
Peter Howe Dipl. Designer, MD Manxdesign
Michael Dilly
Michael Dilly Cultural Manager, literature prize winner